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How to Make a Good Bug Report

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      Details are incredibly important when making a bug report.

      • Provide a reproducible test case:
        • unit test, or integration test preferred
        • step-by-step instructions
      • Provide evidence:
        • logs
        • transcripts of following step-by-step instructions
      • What version of accumulo are you using?
        • tagged version: provide the tag, ie. 1.4.2
        • branch: provide the hash from the last pull
      • What versions of dependencies are you using:
        • zookeeper
        • hadoop
        • jvm
        • operation system
      • How many cores, how much memory, how many disks?
      • Is this a virtual machine? Is it running on a commercial cloud?
      • What have you changed in the configuration?
      • Have you reverted local code changes and re-tested?
      • Post every detail you can think of:
        • config files
        • test runs
        • cluster size
        • hdfs disk usage at the time
        • load average
        • phase of the moon (kidding!)
          • except if something happens periodically ... include the period of time
          • with specific measurements: "see attached graph"
        • jstack stuck processes
        • provide relevant OS settings
          • "I have set swappiness to zero as suggested in the README"
          • "No swapping was observed, here's the output of free..."
          • "The file descriptor limit was set to 1024, but this is a single node instance."

      Things to avoid:

      • lack of specific messages from logs, output, etc.
        • "I think it said something about tablet not from mars... something like that"
        • "it doesn't build... maybe missing some jar file"
      • frustration: "I updated to version 1.1 AND NOW NOTHING WORKS!?"
      • generalizations without details:
        • in 1.2, I could create tables faster than 1.3
        • servers seem to fail more often than before
          • before what?
          • what else changed?
          • how can I reproduce your problem?


      Please provide the details if asked:

      • "Can you jstack the server next time and post it?"
      • Can you send your zookeepers the "stat" command and send the output?
      • When this happens, are you running a map-reduce job?
      • If you send me all your tablet server logs, I can probably figure out what happened
      • Are you seeing any errors on the monitor?
      • What version of accumulo are you running?


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