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Bad entry edit link created in my server when using a provider base path


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.4.0
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      My Abdera servlet is not mapped to the root of my application context. It is mapped to /atom/*, so that my application context can host multiple servlets and a static HTML site at the root path.

      Thus, I create my provider with a base of /atom/. This in turn creates the following route: /atom/:collection/:entry

      When I GET an entry, the resolving part goes well. However, the generated edit link for this entry duplicates the base part of the URI.

      RouteManager.urlFor(RequestContext, Object, Object) line: 158
      SpringProvider(AbstractProvider).urlFor(RequestContext, Object, Object) line: 102
      ServletRequestContext(AbstractRequestContext).urlFor(Object, Object) line: 184
      MovieAdapter(AbstractCollectionAdapter).getHref(RequestContext) line: 82
      MovieAdapter(AbstractEntityCollectionAdapter<T>).getFeedIriForEntry(T, RequestContext) line: 548
      MovieAdapter(AbstractEntityCollectionAdapter<T>).getEntryFromCollectionProvider(RequestContext) line: 721
      MovieAdapter(AbstractEntityCollectionAdapter<T>).getEntry(RequestContext) line: 316
      SpringProvider(AbstractProvider).process(RequestContext) line: 155

      The last stack frame (urlFor) is where I believe the error is. The route expands properly and includes the provider base path. However, the getTargetBasePath() call concatenates the application context with the servlet path, the servlet path being equal to the provider base path.

      Real values used in my tests:

      application context: /imdb
      provider base: /atom/
      adapter href: movies
      GET URI: http://localhost:8080/imdb/atom/movies/12345

      The generated edit URI is: http://localhost:8080/imdb/atom/atom/movies/12345

      Thanks for looking into this.


      1. DefaultWorkspaceManager.patch
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        Remy Gendron
      2. route_manager.patch
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        David Calavera


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