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Common Things That Cause Computer Errors



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      Computers have become man's best friend. The existence of computers is very helpful for human needs and activities. Daily human activities cannot be separated from the performance of digital computing. The role of computers for humans can no longer be activities ranging from personal activities to activities.

      Just like human-made objects, computers are also perfectly successful objects, computers can also become hostile to their owners for some reason. The occurrence of errors and malfunctions will certainly be troublesome for the owner, especially if they are in an important situation and are being needed.

      A computer that shuts down on its own without warning, blue screen indicator or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), and other error messages that a functioning computer uses. With a little knowledge about the causes of computer errors, users can find ways to fix computer errors, both in terms of hardware and software.

      Software Damage

      Software that crashes will obviously stop the process from running. Not only that, the operating system and even other software can be loaded because of a crashed program. Software that crashes can be caused by various things, programs that send too many commands, for example, or programs that fail to load files or identify system requirements to run them will make the software crash, it can also be caused by clashes with other software. Usually if a Software Crash occurs, the operating system will log the error and provide the option to report the error to the operating system or software developer so that it can be fixed for future updates.

      If this happens once or twice, then the settings are set by the software so that they can run correctly. However, if it happens repeatedly and continuously, it needs to be checked or matched with the operating system, other software or hardware specifications, to make updates to the system or program. If there are errors and crashes then you should uninstall the program, if you really need it, then use it on a system that can run the program properly so that it's not interrupted.

      Driver No.

      Drivers for incompatible or incompatible hardware will prevent the hardware from running properly. This happens because the command that is executed is considered to be an error and can cause an error. An unsuitable driver results in the hardware failing to be properly identified and functioning. Additional hardware may not affect the system too much, but if it happens to the drivers for vital hardware, it will be very annoying. For example, for example divers for unsuitable VGA Display will result in unsightly visuals or even not being able to display the display.

      It's a good idea to double-check the system requirements with hardware, if indeed the hardware and the system support each other, then use the latest drivers released by the diver provider. Switches for hardware are usually provided free of charge included on CD at the time of purchase, and updates are usually provided on the manufacturer's official website.

      Update Failure

      Update is an important thing to do, because updating will make the computer's performance more optimal than before. However, if some updates fail to do so, it can cause computer problems. Its multiple causes make it difficult to recover if something goes wrong.

      Exceeded Temperature (Excess Heat)

      The cause of this one very many computer users. The increase in temperature is caused by excessive computer workload or it can also be caused by a cooling fan malfunction. The cooling fan plays a major role in keeping the computer temperature stable and not exceeding normal temperatures. Usually if an overheat occurs the computer will immediately turn off without any directions. The consequences of this Overheat can be very fatal, hardware made from plastic can melt and damage.

      Users of mobile computer devices such as laptops and netbooks are the most frequently complaining about this. Computer users who experience this usually very rarely check and monitor the condition of the cooling fan. This causes the fan to have a lot of dust and becomes dirty so that the cooling fan rotates. Users are advised and clean the cooling fan to avoid overheating

      Insufficient Memory

      Random Access Memory (RAM) plays a role in any condition quickly and many computers can run applications. Many users force install and run programs that require high memory on computers with mediocre memory. The effect is of course the program will often hang and Not Responding. Hang also often occurs if the computer is running many applications simultaneously. Applications running in the background that are not visible to the user forget to change it so that when the user wants to run a program that requires a large amount of memory even though it has sufficient RAM, it will end up with Not Responding only.

      Hardware is not installed properly

      Hardware must be properly configured and configured. If not, the herdware will not work. Especially on the main hardware such as processors and motherboards and memory, power supply, hard drives, and others, must be installed properly and carefully so that system failure does not occur, nor does it interfere with the performance of other hardware.

      Hardware Damage

      Damaged hardware will certainly result in errors that interfere with the computer. Many novice users don't realize that the hardware is damaged. Damaged hardware should be contacted or replaced immediately so that computer performance remains good.

      Viruses, Malware, and Other Malicious Programs

      The main enemies of computers are viruses, malware and similar malicious programs. Once infected will cause computer errors and increasingly become. Being careful in activities using computers, especially in file management and internet usage, can minimize the management of viruses on a computer.

      An error computer system becomes unfriendly to its users. Errors will interfere with computer performance. The user must be able to identify the common things that cause computer errors. Even if you're still a beginner and have limited abilities, common errors should be easy to spot. With this knowledge users can find solutions to improve whether the computer is always working properly and is always user friendly.




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