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How to Find Support For Apache Hosting



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      Apache is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) that has been used for quite some time by large organizations and private individuals. It is free to use and has the ability to manage all types of websites from blogs to membership web sites. With so many features and the ease of use it has been gaining popularity very fast. Recently it has been upgraded to version 4 and the changes have improved its performance and added many new features. But why would you upgrade an Apache system? Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

      Faster Performance - Apache is one of the fastest systems in terms of response time. The reason behind this is that it has a highly efficient server. This helps Apache process a request per second, which increases the speed at which your website can be accessed. Even if a visitor tries to access your site, Apache will be able to handle the request in the shortest time possible.

      Upgraded Security Features - Apache has been the victim of several security threats in the past. Specifically it was vulnerable to hacker attacks which resulted in the leaking of information. Now, it is equipped with more robust security measures that protect it against hackers and unauthorized access.

      Upgrading Your Administration Panel - If you already have an administrator for your Apache server, then you can just upgrade the panel to a new one. There is no need to purchase any new hardware or software to make this change. Just update your Apache installation to the latest version. You will be automatically prompted to install the new panel.

      Complete Control - You can now modify your settings and configuration through an online interface. This makes it easy for you to customize your site and add new modules. If you were not able to do these modifications through the control panel, then you now have the chance to do so. You just login and change the settings as needed. The administrators of the site will receive notifications when changes have been made.

      New Templates - There are new template formats that allow you to create your sites easily. With a new template format, you can now easily build sites with different themes. It also gives you more flexibility when uploading images and contents to your site. If you cannot find the template that you want, then you can always download one and place it on your Apache site. There are many free templates available on the internet.

      Error Codes - When your website goes down for some reason, it can be really frustrating. Users do not have much patience when they encounter website problems. That is why it is essential for every webmaster to be able to communicate the errors as soon as possible. Error codes let users know what kind of error has happened. This is especially useful when there are multiple users accessing your site at the same time.

      Support - Apache is supported by almost every hosting provider in the world. If you need any further assistance regarding the support of Apache, then you can always consult the website of the Apache organization. They provide support for different kinds of operating systems.

      Fantastico - This is another useful feature of Apache. It enables you to install most frameworks in your website. However, Fantastico is not supported on all Apache servers. You can get the latest version of Fantastico from their official website.

      Error Logging - A major advantage of using an Apache is that you will be provided with Error Logger. Error Logger will help you monitor your server and monitor the number of visitors that are landing on your site. The Error Logger will help you determine the reasons for particular failures. This is very helpful if you want to determine problems that could be critical in the future. Therefore, it is important to have Error Logger installed on your Apache server.

      Support Forum - Most hosting providers provide support for different kinds of software. However, not all support tools are provided for all kinds of software. You can always go through the FAQ section of the company's website in order to determine which support tools they provide. If you still face problems, you can send them an email. This will enable you to clarify all the doubts and problems that you may encounter while using Apache.

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