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Everything About Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer



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      An RTO includes two or three towers which contain specific thermal porcelain stuff, attached on top using a high temperature combustion chamber along with direct-fired burner.

      RTO Operation

      The Fundamental operation of an Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer consists of 4 Vital steps:

      Heating: Industrial approach exhausts transporting VOCs & HAPs are handed via a warmed ceramic material in 1 tower, heating system up the gas to ~1300°F.

      Combustion: A natural gas-fired burner warms the contaminated air flow from 1300°F to 1450°F, thereby oxidizing all complicated carbon dioxide in to CO2 and water vapor.

      Retrieval: The post-combustion sizzling gas will be passed down through the second tower, which comprises precisely the exact heating spout ceramic stuff, also recovers 95% of the heat out of the burner.

      Show new list: Only from the 3-tower design and style, the third floor purges a small number of fresh air in to the combustion chamber to prevent almost any exhausts out of penetrating.

      Because the initial tower cools and the next tower heats up, the management of this atmosphere throughout the towers dissipates occasionally to recover the heat out of the RTO burner.

      Applications & Sectors

      Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems will oxidize:

      • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
      • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
      • Industrial Odors
      • And even more organic solvents, emissions, GHGs, and pollutants.

      Sectors Served

      RTOs Are set up to be used from the Subsequent industries:

      • Paint & Coatings Creation
      • Paint Booth exhaust
      • Industrial Oven exhaust
      • Petroleum
      • Oil & gasoline
      • Foodstuff
      • Printing
      • Chemicals
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Ethanol
      • Semiconductor
      • Automotive

      Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Venting

      Industrial method exhaust gas passes the regenerative thermal oxidizer and is pushed through via an in-line fan into the original room. The valve is open to accept in coming gas for therapy. The method petrol move vertically through the ceramic media into chamber 1, occupying waste heating stored from the porcelain media, and also the incoming air is heated to approximately 1300°F. The air then travels into the combustion room, across the very top of their RTO tower, and also reaches temperatures of 1500°F.

      In the exact middle of the combustion room is a burner which is supplied with clean air (oxygen source) through combustion mill and organic gas to supplement the combustion reaction to maintain the temperature setpoint. Process air that reaches Chamber 3 is fully combusted, wash atmosphere. It melts chamber 3, discharging its heat to the ceramic media cubes. The clean atmosphere exits the valve also journeys into the exhaust pile where it is introduced into the atmosphere.




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