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#98 upgrade to bloodhound 0.1.0 gjm task blocker siteadmin
#124 Check that Apache Bloodhound (Incubating) complies with licensing guidelines nobody task critical dashboard
#144 Apps dropdown not working in serch results pages olemis defect critical ui design
#153 Updates for next release gjm task critical installer
#204 Activity feed currently breaks new ticket page link nobody defect critical dashboard
#94 Activity area to automatically filter to show entries relevant for the view gjm enhancement major dashboard
#129 Wrong postioning of ticket fields in ticket view olemis defect major ui design
#133 main nav 'Tickets' should lead user to Dashboard page olemis enhancement major dashboard
#134 Available Reports page should be linked to from breadcrumb when in Tickets section gjm enhancement major dashboard
#145 Remove alternate download link from dashboard view olemis defect major dashboard
#154 Installer fails when providing repository type without a path and vice versa jure defect major installer
#165 Notification not triggered on new ticket event nobody defect major dashboard
#172 Implement sticky panels using Bootstrap affix plugin olemis enhancement major ui design
#177 Move 'comment:1' and 'reply to' indicators under the time in ticket view olemis enhancement major ui design
#197 Logged out quick ticket message is not wrapping olemis defect major ui design
#258 Upgrade i.a.o/bh to v0.2 gjm task major siteadmin
#157 Display correct Trac version (revision ID) olemis defect minor trac core
#205 initial syntax highlighting sample fails in pygments preferences for browsers other than firefox peter defect minor dashboard
#189 remove the "... via Bloodhound quick create ticket dialog" message gjm task trivial dashboard
#203 Regression: wiki toolbar not visible olemis defect trivial ui design
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