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03/11/14 #791 Upgrade to Boostrap 3.x nobody new major
03/04/14 #780 Workflow transition needinfo -> closed nobody new major
02/26/14 #770 Location of test cases for bloodhound_multiproduct is not consistent with other projects nobody new major
02/24/14 #767 CalDAV integration nobody new major
  #766 Calendar and scheduling tools nobody new major
  #765 Search for duplicate tickets when entering summary nobody new major
02/09/14 #753 Crash when Whoosh backend crash nobody new minor
12/09/13 #725 Move repository test env ops into separate VCS tester classes nobody new major
  #724 Sub-query links in ticket group stats widget nobody new trivial
11/18/13 #715 Functional test cases for dashboard widgets - after #564 nobody new major



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